LX200GPS.CRCM.NET (Astronomy)

The Construct & modification of a Meade LX200GPS Telescope.

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Alignment by Laser

Challenger 7630 Hard Case (Transit Case)

Data & Statistics

DEC Axis Alignment

DEC Gear Box

DEC photographs

DEC Drawings description

DEC Axis composite drawing

DEC Axis RHS exploded view drawing

DEC Axis LHS exploded view drawing

Dowel Pin the Fork Arms

F.A.R.O ( Fully Autonomous Remote Observatory) Project

Fork Arm Mount (corrective machining)

Fork Arm Fitting Adjustment

Imaging Setup

Main Board PCB photographs MicroFocuser & Reticule connections J11 & J10

OTA Optical & Mechanical Data plus Calculations

RA Motor & Gearbox

Sidereal Tracking Rate & motor encoder

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