Meade LX200GPS 8" (Dowel Pinning)

Once the Fork arms are aligned and their accuracy has been confirmed (a target accuracy of 7 arc seconds is good),

the fork arms must be fixed to prevent loss of accuracy. It is also necessary to accommodate future removal.

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Stainless steel 3mm 1 in 50 tapered dowel pins are an ideal solution. If these pins are inserted at the interface between the

fork arms & the RA base a 3D dovetail effect can be achieved. The pin is inserted with only half of its diameter cutting the fork arm.

A 2.8mm hole is drilled at 45 deg., into the interface, then enlarged with a taper reamer. The pin will lock into the RA base and the Fork Arm

will self align with great accuracy in all axis. The arms will be effectively on a 3D dovetail.

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All photographs a copyright of Conrad Maloney (CRCM Networks, United Kingdom)