Meade LX200GPS 8" (DEC Gear Box)

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Adjustment of the meshing of the brass transfer gears is accomplished by tilting the motor & gearbox relative to the worm shaft. This is accomplished with the 4 socket headed screws that are located behind the transfer gear mounted to the worm shaft. Tightening the two screws furthest from the motor reduces the clearance in the transfer gears.

Always adjust the screws in pairs to avoid skewing the gears and causing cross meshing.

When refitting the Motor / Worm assembly, make sure that the Worm is adjusted to be parallel to the plane of worm wheel.

A compliant mastic is used under the mounting to allow for this adjustment. The red film on the mastic stops it sticking to the Fork Arm.

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All photographs a copyright of Conrad Maloney (CRCM Networks, United Kingdom)