Meade LX200GPS 8" (Main Board)

Information on Main Board for LX200GPS SMT,

Version 15-3516-00 REV E.

Please note: Additional wireing has been added to make available the Reticule, Micro Focuser & Aux 12Volts, internally to the fork arms.

An Earth bond wire has been added to allow connection of the ZeroVolt rail to the Telescope chasis. This connects to the mounting screw of the RA Motor Board

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The additional wireing was added before the exsisting connections J11 & J10, for the Microfocuser and the Reticule had been identified.

The connectors J11 & J10 can be seen on the lower edge of the PCB, below the left hand side of th battery in the middle photograph.

The RED PVC Tape that is visable on the edge of the PCB has been added to protect the copper tracks where the board rubs on the telescope casting.

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All photographs a copyright of Conrad Maloney (CRCM Networks, United Kingdom)