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The Construct & modification of a Meade LX200GPS Telescope.

Meade LX200GPS 8" (OTA optical & mechanical data)

These files were last updated 16:54 GMT, 08 November 2007

"NEW" Optical Tube Assembly simulator "NEW" 08 November 2007

I didn't intend to have to take the entire OTA to pieces but problems forced me to, so I drew it in detail.

This a link to photographs to be added in a few days; "they are currently being processed"

View CAD Mechanical, Full detailed design of the OTA; as PDF; "The complete Optical Tube Assembly"

View CAD Exploded assembly of the Rear Cell; as PDF; "full details of all elements, mechanical & optical"

View CAD Front Cell, Corrector & Secondary Mirror drawings as PDF "Standard Cell"

Secondary Mirror Lock & Stabilizer Design View as PDF (Rev a)

Secondary Mirror Lock & Stabilizer Design View as PDF (Rev b) "Which I think is better in most respects!"

Secondary Mirror Lock & Stabilizer Design View as PDF (Rev c) "Simplicity is the BEST the solution!"

Secondary Mirror Lock How to do the modification View as PDF

View OTA data as PDF

View OTA Calculations, Variables & Definitions as PDF

View OTA Calculations as Microsoft Excel Spread Sheet (interactive Optical & Mechanical)

View CAD OTA Ray drawings as PDF

View ReadMe file

Link To further DEC Axis Drawings of Mechanics. (PDF Documents & Photographs)

Down Load CAD files as ZIP folder.

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