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The results that have been received to date have indicated an unexpected dependence on one, and possibly two, variables that contribute to the pointing accuracies of Meade telescopes.

These are specifically the manufacturing clearances in the RA Worm Wheel and possibly the DEC Worm Wheel.

Such errors apparently contribute with a similar order of magnitude to those produced by OTA miss alignments and Primary Mirror movement following a coarse focus. These worm wheel concentricity errors can't be removed by any mechanical adjustment that I am currently aware of, however they must be accounted for by the model to allow the adjustable parameters to be extracted.

To this end, I am currently improving the model to handle these terms more explicitly and will reprocess all data accordingly.

The original model and test telescope did not show these errors to the same extent, since specific stars in a limited area of the sky were used, Hence large variations in RA were not present and the worm wheel error did not manifest itself to the same extent (although present to a similar magnitude).


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