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The Construct & modification of a Meade LX200GPS Telescope.

The next time that you are having an observing session could you please record the following data.

For three separate stars,

Immediately after a "GoTo", for that star, has completed. Record the Hand Box displayed R.A. Dec and UTC.

Then adjust the pointing of the telescope to center the star in the FOV. (use a reticule EP if you have one)

Now record the corrected R.A. & Dec as displayed on the Hand Box.

The ideal stars should be close to each other in R.A. but separated by 20 to 30 degrees in Dec.

The lowest star should be at least 20 degrees above the horizon

For the highest star:

In Polar mode the star should be at least 10 degrees of Dec away from the Pole

In Alt/Az mode the highest star should be at least 10 degrees from the Zenith.

Also in polar mode the best target stars will be close to the Meridian.

If you wish to submit multiple data sets for different areas of the sky, please do!

One example of star selection could be three stars from "Orion", "Meissa, Alnilam & Saiph"

These three give about 20 degrees of DEC variation which would be acceptable.

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